Features of High-Quality Plumbing Fittings

Plumbing pipe fittings have healthy qualities that never corrode, scale, and breed bacteria.

The firm new pipe material satisfies the perfect pursuit of never leaking. It is non-toxic and harmless and fully meets the requirements of national drinking water hygiene indicators.
The full application of the most advanced hot-melt connection technology in the world makes your construction and installation more convenient, faster, and safer.
Good thermal insulation performance, when plumbing pipe fittings are used in hot water systems, no additional thermal insulation materials are needed. And as an energy-saving product. Favored by more consumers.
The smooth inner wall of the pipe ensures the smooth and fast passage of water, thereby reducing water flow resistance.
The pipes are made of thermoplastic materials with environmental protection functions, so there is no worry about environmental pollution, and in the process of production and use, they can be recycled, and resource waste is minimized, making it the first choice for a new generation of environmental protection and energy-saving products.

Specific features of high-quality plumbing accessories:

1. Plumbing fittings are light in weight, flexible, and simple in construction
The weight of the pipe is 1/20 of the galvanized steel pipe, which is easy to handle, and the minimum bending radius is 6D (D: pipe outer diameter).
2. Good durability, non-toxic, and harmless.
Because it is a high molecular weight polymer, the molecular structure is stable, the service life can reach 50-100 years, and it is non-toxic and harmless.
3. Anti-ultraviolet and corrosion resistance
Anti-ultraviolet rays and microbial damage will not cause any impact on water quality.
4. Good freezing and heat resistance
At -20℃, it has good low-temperature impact resistance, and the pipe will not freeze and crack. After thawing, the pipe can be restored to its original shape and can withstand high temperatures below 100°C.
5. The pipe wall of plumbing fittings is smooth and does not scale
The inner wall is smooth, which can increase the water flow by 30% compared with the galvanized pipe.
6. Advanced connection method
The connection method is an integrated hot-melt connection, so when it is buried, it can avoid the movement of the pipe and the leakage of the connection due to temperature changes and water hammer.
7. Save energy
With good heat preservation, Weixing PB can save energy by 30% when it is used for low-temperature floor radiant heating.
8. Easy to repair
When the plumbing fittings are buried in the dark, they are not bonded to concrete. When there is man-made damage, it can be quickly repaired through the replaced pipeline.

Hebei Sanvo stainless steel pipe fittings such as elbows, tees, unions, pipe caps, pipe plugs, hose nipples, hex nipples, and other pipe fittings can meet your high-quality plumbing fittings needs. Welcome to consult.

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